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Female Portraits

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 Zip files contain all five targas and should be unzipped into your /NWN/portraits/ directory.

Added: July 15, 2004
Delainy is a modification of my earlier portrait Cisali.  The modification was done for icelus at for their BG2 mod that features the character Delainy from BG1.

Download zip (346K)

Added: June 26, 2004
Fionela was designed as a fire mage (could be sorceress or wizard). Painted in PSP8.  Referenced this stock photo for the pose:

Download zip (320K)

Added: March 14, 2004
Merais is intended to be a shape-shifter who has the ability to turn into a tiger.  Given her outfit, probably more useful for a modern style character or module. Photo reference:

Download zip (349K)

Added: Feb 15, 2004
Irae was a request for a female elven monk/rogue with a lawful evil alignment, yet a bit of good still in her heart.  Photo reference model May Anderson.

Download zip (293K)

Added Jan 31, 2004
Cisali was a request for a female were-coyote gypsy.  Cisali was inducted into the NWVault's Hall of Fame in July 2004.  Photo reference model Renata Maciel.

Download zip (339K)

Added Jan 22, 2004
Elarhyn is an elven, half-elven, or possibly human rogue skulking through the city streets at night.  Photo base image from DeviantArt: Background a stock photo of a stone wall.

Download zip (283K)

Analy is a repaint of an earlier portrait, Thenesse.  She is now an elven sorceress or wizard.  The general blue and white with stars theme would also be good for a devotee of Mystra.

Download zip (354K)

Added Nov 23, 2003
Vanise is an elven or half-elven monk.  Painted in PSP8 over a photo of Vinessa Shaw from 'Corky Romano'. She had a great 'monk' pose. :)

Download zip (381K)

Alarish_thumbAlarish (Viconia)
Added Sep 21, 2003
Alarish is a drow who could be used for a variety of classes: rogue, cleric, mage, or monk.  Intended as a replacement portrait for Viconia from BG2.  Model Chantal Lashon.

Download zip (362K)

Added May 3, 2003
Thenesse is primarily intended as an NPC, perhaps a noblewoman, a merchant or even a gypsy.  Photo reference, a woman who models for the clothing line, Chicos.

Download zip (360K)

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Last updated Thursday, October 21, 2004